45 ARK Tips You Probably Haven’t Heard (advanced)

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7 Tips To Help YOU Go From NOOB To PRO | Ark: Survival Evolved
here are 45 ark pvp tips in a top 10 tips format video. You will need these advanced, expert tips. I give you 45 tricks to help you survive the ark. We go over things like farms, dino specialization, and more! These tips are for newer players, although advanced players might find something helpful here!

HARD INI – copy and paste into console variables
Astro Arena IP
Astro Deathmatch 1 – [EU]
Steam: deathmatch.astro-pvp.com:29029
Epic: deathmatch.astro-pvp.com:29027

Astro Deathmatch – [US]
Steam: us-deathmatch.astro-pvp.com:29029
Epic: us-deathmatch.astro-pvp.com:29027