Beginners ECO Guide For Yordles TFT Challenger Tips Tutorials

Hey guys this is a Beginner level ECO guide for Yordles (6 yordles and how to get Veigar)

The tips comes From Bebe872 a long time TFT Challenger player and is made in a way where it kind of feels like a Tutorial!

I do worry a bit that the intro might be a bit long this time, its 3 minutes instead of the original 1 minute zzzzzzz Hopefully it helps out!

I was planning to use a different Yordle game, but the other video seemed to have audio issues so I couldn’t upload Hope this one is Suffice enough

the problem with this one is that it is a bit of a highroll zzzz Hope you guys understand!

00:00 introduction
00:08 First Augment Tip
00:22 Second and Third Augment Tip
00:54 Gold management Tips Stage 2-1
01:12 Stage 2-2 ~ 2-5 tips
01:35 Stage 3-2 Tips
02:02 Stage 3-5 tips
02:23 Stage 3-7 tips
03:29 Game Start!

T1 Bebe872
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Teamfight Tactic SET 6.5

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