TIPS to Get BETTER in Bloodhunt!

TIPS to get BETTER in Bloodhunt! These tips may be simple but they you will improve with them in Bloodhunt!

In today’s video I will be going over tips and tricks to get better in Bloodhunt! Vampire: The Masquerade has been becoming popular Zlately and there are a lot of new players. These basic tips are really important if you want to get better in Bloodhunt. They may be simple tips but they will help you improve in Bloodhunt.

I will be making other Bloodhunt videos such as, movement guide, advanced tips, more tips and tricks, tips to improve aim and settings guide! So if you wanna see those make sure to subscribe!

I also have videos and playlists for How to get Better and Tips and Tricks for Rogue Company and some Rogue Company Funny/Rage Gameplay!


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