Class 12 English | Last Minute Tips | Increase 2-5% | Cheat Sheets

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All the very best for your Exam ❤️ Major points of the video –
1. Revision Sheets Link of all Writing Skills & Chapters in description box.
2. Paper Presentation is very important
i) Make Borders on the left side of your answer sheet before writing answers.
ii) Leave 2 lines gap at the end of each answer.
iii) Start Section A, B, C from a fresh page (give proper heading on Top of the page before starting them)
iv) Start all writing skills and long answers from a Fresh Page.
v) If you complete your paper on time, then draw a line using pencil & scale at the end of each answer (in between the 2 line gap)
vi) Only write till the lower word limit.
3. Try to complete paper 15 minute early
4. Jo question nahi aata usse last mei karna