I Called It 12 Years Ago – WAN Show June 10, 2022

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Podcast Download: https://anchor.fm/thewanshowpodcast/episodes/I-Called-It-12-Years-Ago—WAN-Show-June-10–2022-e1jt4ro

Timestamps: (Courtesy of Bip Bop)
0:00 Greetings
1:17 Intro
1:39 sponsors
1:45 First topic SSD
12:20 Summer Game Fest
21:18 Dream NAS controversy
21:25 controversal collab list
22:25 Linus starts talking chair adjustments during Dream topic
23:42 return to Dream
35:00 segue from keep giving us feedback, like Dream to LMG is so big
36:17 Riley or Anthony’s take on Dream
41:32 Merch message labs impact on sponsors
41:40 screwdriver controversy
46:35 Bill C11
49:20 screwdriver poll update
56:56 FP comment
1:00:14 screwdriver poll
1:05:10 pop up shop
1:07:50 Lab2 News Community LAN party
1:22:15 Sponsor Block
1:24:51 inquiry AC at LAN , AC, weather discussion
1:30:40 Linus echo
1:31:48 good now
1:31:52 Merch messages
1:33:16 Inflation impact on Creator Warehouse
1:38:31 gas prices impact on electric vehicles
1:40:46 Yvonne’s LMG impact (don’t miss this)
1:49:49 3D Printed Homes
1:50:21 iPad OS floating windows or anything announced
1:51:36 Gaming on Mac
1:53:51 Horst in dock about WWDC2022
1:57:06 Why LMG does YT Shorts
2:02:06 Ivan’s Ukraine charity GPU auction
2:04:02 Merch Messages
2:04:08 New (future) LTT products
2:04:22 broken cap water bottle
2:04:42 New products
2:06:03 screwdriver shaft oxide coating?
2:06:27 Pool tech?
2:09:04 Floatplane: Actman demonitized on YouTube
2:10:06 Pool, heat exchange HVAC
2:11:11 Jasco(sp?) update
2:11:30 2 mini unboxings? another time
2:11:38 m.m. concrete thermal conductivity? More pool cooling