DUNE: SPICE WARS | 5 Essential Tips Before You Start – Beginner’s Guide

This video is sponsored by Shiro Games. Learn more about Dune: Spice Wars here – https://gsght.com/c/o0sm95 .

Dune has been having a very welcome resurgence recently, and this new real-time 4x strategy game set in the Dune universe is a welcome addition. Dune: Spice Wars lets you play as 4 key factions as you compete for control over Arrakis, and between your economy, your military, your politics, and your spies, there’s a lot to manage, and a lot to wrap your head around. In this beginner’s guide for Dune: Spice Wars we’ll be diving into gameplay and highlighting some of the key gameplay mechanics and how they work so that you’re better equipped as you dive in.

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00:00 – Intro
00:44 – Four Unique Factions
04:16 – The Local Friends, Foes, and Fauna
09:37 – Powering Your Economy
13:49 – Politics & Espionage
21:13 – Military Matters
25:35 – Outro

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