Exam study routine to always get A+ ✨💯 exam tips

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hi! In this video I go over my productive exam preparation study routine + study and exam tips to get A’s on exams!!:) I know you guys midterms, finals, AP exams, SAT exams, board exams, GCSEs, etc happening so I hope these exam tips help! These tips can be applied to online classes and exams or regular in-person classes, since my routine is essentially the same for both (other than scantrons vs online exams)! I also go over my last minute exam / final exam study tips 🙂 hope you find this video helpful for your exams and good luck!!

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If you’re new, hi, my name’s Estella! I’m a college student studying communications & psychology and I post weekly videos! I make stationery and study tips videos based on my own experiences in college, high school, etc. If you ever have any video suggestions or questions leave them in the comments!

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