12 ESSENTIAL Beginner Tips For Terraria 1.4! (2022)

Terraria is a tremendously large game with so many things in it, it’s no surprise it’s intimidating to so many beginners out there! This video covers 12 ESSENTIAL and IMPORTANT information for new Terraria beginners in 2022 for Terraria 1.4! Hopefully these tips and information will allow you have a fun, smooth experience! Make sure you give Terraria 1.4 a chance in 2022 and beyond!

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0:00 11 Essential Beginner Tips
0:32 Tip #1
3:43 Tip #1.5
4:34 Tip #2
5:20 Tip #3
6:02 Tip #4
7:02 Tip #5
7:48 Tip #6
8:32 Tip #7
9:36 Tip #8
10:21 Tip #9
11:11 Tip #10
11:41 Tip #11
13:00 Tip #12

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