10 Packing Tips for Checked Luggage | (avoid lost bags in 2022)

Don’t check your bag until you watch this — 10 packing tips to help keep an airline from losing your luggage in 2022.

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How common is it to lose a checked bag? In 2022, airlines are losing luggage left and right. Checked bags at the airport are being mishandled, lost and delayed at an alarming rate. Checked baggage rules, checked baggage allowance and checked luggage weight limits will vary by airport and airline. The packing tips and hacks in this video will help you for any trip.

These are easy things you can d before your flight to avoid having your checked luggage lost or damaged by the airline. If your checked suitcase does get lost, these tips will help you get it back quickly, or be compensated for your lost, damaged items.

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0:00 Checking luggage in 2022
0:40 Take pictures of what you pack
1:20 Put contact information inside luggage
2:10 Invest in quality luggage
3:20 Fill empty spaces
3:40 Avoid a security search
4:35 Remove tags from past trips
4:45 Add your own tags
5:20 Genius travel item
5:51 Take pictures of your suitcase
6:11 Use an electronic tracker
6:35 Download the airlines app
7:10 What to do at the airport


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