3 SIMPLE Tips To Build CONFIDENCE As A Creator!

Nobody is born confident, nobody is simply gifted with the ability to speak, and keep people engaged to what they are saying, it is something you learn through experience and practice.

As someone who wants to be a Content Creator it is something you need to learn through experience and practice in order to be successful.

If you looked at the very first stream or video of any of the top 50 streamers, and then the latest stream or video they released, what do you notice is different?

There is something I notice every time that I don’t think many others do… something that is far more important than your editing or production quality… and that is their confidence.

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How To Build Confidence On Camera

The most important piece of advice I can give you for building confidence on camera, becoming used to your own voice, your own face, and becoming a better content creator…

I want you to grab a camera or your phone, and record yourself for 10 minutes without any preparation at all, no music in the background, no games, no videos to react to, just sit down and talk about anything, and try to be engaging and entertaining. Don’t stop talking for the entire 10 minutes and then hit done. Don’t watch it back.

The next day watch the footage back, and I mean watch it, turn off every other distraction and watch the entire 10 minutes, don’t fast forward, don’t look away, and if you feel like you need to do those things to get through the recording… well you have room for improvement.

When it ends, don’t wait, don’t prepare, just grab the camera or phone, and start filming yourself for 10 minutes again. Repeat this every single day, for weeks, for months, every single day.

Within a week you’ll notice you’re able to talk longer, within a month you’ll notice how much more confident you’ve become, I promise it is incredibly powerful and every entertainer, streamer, presenter, and person should do this,


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1:59 Why Confidence Is So IMPORTANT!
2:45 Can Creators Be OVER-CONFIDENT?
3:57 The MOST POWERFUL Way To Gain Confidence On Camera
6:25 The Most Common Way You’ll Lose Confidence
8:00 The WORST WAY To Ruin Your Confidence!
9:10 This TINY Tip Will Boost Your Confidence!

Why Comparing Yourself To Others Will RUIN Your Confidence

If you spend your time comparing yourself to other creators you are going to go mad, because either you’ll compare yourself to people more established or better than you and feel bad OR worse you’ll compare yourself to people less experienced or “worse” than you.. and feel good about other people struggling.

Neither of these things pushes you to improve, and neither of these things reflects you, your journey is completely different from mine, and every other streamer’s journey, you cannot compare us to each other. It is like if I compared my first YouTube video to Harris Hellers latest video, or my first stream to Ludwigs latest stream, it is such a wide gap that it just makes me feel terrible.

The actionable tip here is If you want to look for a comparison the only comparisons you should make are to your past self, was this stream better than last stream? How can I be better than my past self? That shows growth, and gives you places to improve.

How Shifting Your Mindset Can Boost Confidence!

The absolute worst thing you can do to ruin your own confidence as a creator is… actually to talk down to yourself.

The brain is a very weird and very powerful ball of squishy meat, if you sit there and say to yourself, “I suck… I suck I suck” then you will suck.

A slight shift from, “I suck, my content sucks” to “This stream wasn’t the best, but I tried my best, I really liked this part right here, and this part here was funny as well, now I can see where I can and want to improve things for next time” this small shift goes a long way.

The style of this video is similar to Alpha Gaming and Gaming Careers in parts. A large influence on this series has come from content creators like Wild4games and Nutty.

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