7 Sleep Tips for Better Boxing | You NEED This

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Tony Jeffries shares 7 sleep tips for better boxing and training if you can’t sleep before your fights or sparring match. If you are boxing training it is important that your body recovers after your training sessions. Sleep helps with recovery and also gives you energy to last longer.

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6 Tips to Have Better Quality Sleep at Night:

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0:00 7 Sleep Tips for Better Boxing | You NEED This
1:04 Why Sleep is Important for Boxers
3:15 7 – What I listen before sleeping
4:06 6 – Breathe Easy
4:45 5 – Your Body’s Temperature
6:33 4 – Eating Food before Bed
7:01 3 – Drinking Alcohol
7:37 2 – Blue Light
8:21 1 – Find an Expert
8:51 How to sleep before a fight or sparring

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