Animal Crossing New Horizons: 7 UPDATES & CHANGES in August 2022 (Details & Tips You Should Know)

An ACNH update guide 🥳
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Welcome to my Animal Crossing channel. Today’s Animal Crossing New Horizons video is all about the changes and updates we will see in Animal Crossing New Horizons next month.
August is the final month of the Summer Season, so there’s not too much going on, but there are a few Event alterations and adjustments to in-game content to discuss… However, more importantly, we highlight a brand new Seasonal Event that introduces the last limited-time item from the 2.0 update. This Seasonal Event is the Tomato Festival and is debuting in ACNH for the first time.
We discuss everything you need to know about these events, the changes and the updates we can expect to see. We bring the video to a close looking at some of the small details such as weather phenomena. Are you still playing Animal Crossing New Horizons? If not, what are you playing? Let us know and thanks for watching 🥰

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