Diablo Immortal – 11 Tips for Leveling Up

Check out our 11 tips for leveling up fast in Diablo Immortal. In this video, we go over all of the most efficient ways to level to Paragon and beyond!

00:00 Intro
00:28 Progress the Main Story
00:44 Check your Codex
01:06 Reach Higher Massacre Multipliers
01:30 Gather Experience Globes
01:43 Do Daily Bounties
02:05 Farm & Grind Rifts
02:43 Join the Shadows PvP Faction
03:03 Learn to Play With Others
03:16 Repeat Dungeons
03:34 Know the Server Paragon Level
03:49 Increase the difficulty

Level fast with our Diablo Immortal leveling guide. This includes diablo immortal pc gameplay and diablo immortal mobile gameplay of diablo immortal level 60, challenge rift, elder rifts, dungeons, necromancer, and diablo immortal max level. Although we show gameplay from the diablo immortal max level this is still a diablo immortal beginner guide.

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