Hi i’m Aurikatariina and I deep clean my followers homes for free! 💚This house owner a young girl had lost her beloved pet bunny and the control over her apartment 🥺I cleaned this home Ecologically with my friend @boniasiivous. ♻️
We also showed you some amazing eco cleaning tips.♻️💯
Bathroom cleaning, kitchen cleaning, living room cleaning, Organizing, before and after pictures, satisfying results DIY cleaning spray!

Products that I use:

💚Scrub daddy

💚Scrub mommy

💚Alternative “Steel Daddy”

💚Power Paste

💚Oven cleaner


💚Floor Squeegee

💚Microfiber cloths

💚Nord Clean:


00:00 Intro
01:13 Coming up in this video
01:27 Collecting hallway trashes
02:27 Washing the kitchen sink
03:35 Washing the dishwasher
03:59 Bathroom trashes
04:21 Washing the bathroom sink
05:02 Washing the shower
05:49 Washing the Washing machine
06:12 Toothpaste surprise
06:34 Organizing the bathroom
07:05 Washing the bathroom floor
08:10 Organization magic
08:17 Washing the light switch
08:30 Gift for the house owner
08:44 Living room trashes
09:31 Hay surprise
10:25 Something sticky
11:01 Dusting
11:29 Recycling
12:05 Kitchen trashes
13:35 Washing the induktion stove
14:50 Organizing the utensils
15:18 Organizing the kitchen cupboards
16:44 Washing the hallway floor
17:53 Finding surprises in the couch
19:15 Cleaning the living room table
20:10 Wiping the floor
20:16 More trashes
21:47 Making the bed
22:32 Final floor sweep
23:08 Clean house tour