Eye makeup tips for hooded eyes Part 1 – See description. #makeup #hoodedeyes #eyemakeup

What are hooded eyes? You know your eyes are hooded when the skin below your eyebrow droops or sags over your eyelids. Even though you may have decent eyelid space when you close your eyes, but it somehow disappears when you open your eyes – because that skin covers it like a hood. Mostly, people with hooded eyes have 2 creases, one that’s in the centre of the eyelid and the other right under the eyebrow. Hooded eyes can be a sign of ageing but they can also be genetic. Examples of people with hooded eyes – Alia Bhatt. Jennifer Lawrence.

Makeup tip 1 – Applying a thick black liner will reduce your eyelid space even more & your eyes will look more hooded. So, you should try tightlining – which means, putting a Kajal or a gel liner or eye pencil on the inside of the upper waterline. Pull your eyelid up and apply the Kajal UNDER your lashes. This will define your eyes without eating up your eyelid space. If you are too used to wearing an eyeliner then switch to a bright colored liner or a bright eyeshadow. Brighter Colors will draw more attention to your eyelid space and make them look bigger. Metallic liners, shimmery liners, glitter liners – they look amazing on hooded eyes! So don’t be afraid of playing with Colors!