How To Survive Long International Flights – TIPS FROM A FLIGHT ATTENDANT

welcome to video about how to survive a long haul flight, tips from a flight attendant. in this vlog we fly from new york to australia and it takes us over 31 hours to get there, on the way i share all the travel tips i can think of. make sure to watch until the end (last 10 mins) as i go through so more tips for you. i hope you enjoy x

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00:00 Introduction
01:23 TIPS: Packing & Getting Ready To Fly
02:56 Flying From New York To LA
03:46 LAX Airport
05:04 TIPS: Things I Bring With Me On A International Flight
07:45 Flying From LA to Australia
09:42 TIPS: Things To Do Between Flights
10:35 Flying From Sydney to Melbourne