NAIL SET TIPS + TRICKS + SECRETS!! (Classic Nail Setter VS. Spring-Loaded Nail Sets…Pros + Cons!!)

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NAIL SET TIPS + TRICKS + SECRETS!! (Classic Nail Set VS. Spring-Loaded Nail Sets…Pros + Cons!!)

Nail sets are a commonly overlooked tool. This short video from The Honest Carpenter will discuss some quick tips, tricks, and facts about both classic nail sets and newer spring-loaded options!

NAIL SETS are used to finish driving nails into wood or other materials.

The process of driving a nail head just beneath the material surface is known as COUNTERSINKING.

Nail sets range in size from 1/32″ at the point, to 3/32″. The various sizes help drive different kinds of nails.

Fine point nail sets work best with larger trim nails, which have a divot in the head.

Blunt nail sets work best with smaller trim nails like brads and pins, which fit into the pit on the end of nail set.

Newer spring-loaded nail sets require no hammer to use. They create their driving power by pulling back the spring-loaded body and releasing. They’re very easy and efficient to use!

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