Perfect HDR in Luminar NEO – 7 Best Tips!

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Here are 7 tips to help you get the most out of this new tool for Luminar NEO!
The HDR Merge feature is an optional plug-in but an extremely powerful one. If you’re watching this, you probably already know that! Let’s look at how we can fade the effect, get HDR from a single frame, and boost dynamic range beyond what you captured.
Have you got any great tips of your own? Why not share with us in the comments! I hope you find these tips helpful 🤩
HDR should be a way to give us a natural and rich image to start our processing. It should yield realistic results and unlock hidden details in an authentic way that represents what the human eye sees rather than what the camera’s limited sensor can capture. And THANKFULLY that’s what Luminar NEO’s HDR Merge plug in does.

It’s a simple to use tool with an extremely powerful algorithm under the hood. The HDR Merge Plug-in is based on Aurora’s award winning best-in-class Quantum Engine, so those natural merges we’ve come to love from Aurora are available to us for a fraction of the price. (OR FREE if you already own Aurora HDR-19)

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