Real Health: Top Tips for Effective Weight Loss

On this week’s episode of Real Health, I’m bringing you my top tips for weight loss.
Weight loss is about more than simply wanting to change how you look. We know weight is one of the big predictors of health-related issues as we get older. By carrying more of it on our bodies, you are putting pressure on your joints and aging the body quicker.
So, wanting to lose some excess fat is a great thing to do for your health.
Now that we’re coming into the summer, it’s the perfect time to try and make some positive changes, both with your movement and your diet.
While many people might think the focus should be on upping the amount of exercise, diet is arguably more important. Making changes to what you eat, contributes to about 60pc to 70pc of the results that you will experience.
One of the easiest changes you can make to your diet, is ensuring you leave twelve hours between dinner and your breakfast the next morning. By doing this, it gives your body time to digest the food you’ve eaten. If for example, you have your breakfast at 7am, aim to finish eating by 7pm that evening. Not only does this ensure you are leaving a good amount of time before you start eating again, it also helps stop you snacking late into the night too.
I also give you tips for tracking your food, how to incorporate movement into your day and how intense your exercises should be, so you achieve the results you want.
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