she’s still INSANE! UPDATED Yoimiya Guide – Artifacts, Weapons, Teams & Tips | Genshin Impact 2.8

Yoimiya is a respectable and very misunderstood DPS, so this video will explain everything you need to know about her in order to make her one of your most reliable and fun DPS units, whilst giving you the knowledge you need to avoid common mistakes with her kit.

… cause a lot of players don’t fully understand her kit.

In-Depth Yoimiya + Yun Jin Guide
Thoma Guide (For the Yoimiya VV Vape team)
edited by meeee

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Yun Jin Buff Formula Infographic
from the Yoimiya x Yun Jin mains guide doc:
by Swiftfyre 0502 on Discord


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0:00 Intro
0:52 Kit Analysis and Debunking
5:38 Constellations
8:19 Best Artifacts (lots to unpack here)
13:10 Artifact Stats
13:58 Best Weapons
18:02 Team Comping

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