SUB) Summer housekeeping tips for a clean kitchenㅣDisinfection of kitchenware

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🥘Bacon Mayo Rice Bowl Recipe
1/4 onion, 2 strips of bacon, 0.5T soy sauce, 1 bowl of rice

🥗Korean melon salad dressing
3T olive oil, 1.5T honey, 1.5T lemon juice, a little bit of herb salt

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🥘베이컨 마요 덮밥 레시피
양파 1/4개, 베이컨 2줄, 간장 0.5T, 공깃밥 1공기

🥗참외 샐러드 드레싱
올리브유 3T, 꿀 1.5T, 레몬즙 1.5T, 허브솔트 약간

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