*TWO* Simple Tips To Get More Kills On Warzone Rebirth Island

It’s been a while but we FINALLY did it again. Let’s talk about some tips to get more kills on Warzone Rebirth Island while breaking down a 33 Kill Win!

How To Get Better Aim – https://youtu.be/0kS6VVvxzuc

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Welcome to Rebirth U. where I’m going to teach you how to dominate rebirth lobbies through comprehensive tip videos, gameplay breakdowns and live commentaries. I’m your Coach/Professor, CupppaJoe and I hope you enjoy today’s episode of Rebirth U.

My Goals
– Give you concrete tips to get better at Warzone Rebirth Island
– Help you get more kills and die less
– Help you break your PR and raise your KD
– Consistently review and reiterate tips for success

Want me to cover something in particular? Let me know down in the comments below.

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