Want Your Outfits to Look Expensive? Follow These 9 Tips!

9 tips to make your outfits look expensive and luxurious: https://gentl.mn/tips-to-look-expensive

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00:00 Looking Expensive with Outfits Introduction

When it comes to our wardrobes, I’m sure we’d all love a little extra cash to add a little extra zing to our looks. However, it doesn’t take a pile of money to look expensive when you know the secrets to look expensive.

01:26 Why would you want to look expensive?

As we are a Classic Style channel, our definition of “looking expensive” harkens back to bespoke garments, made from luxury materials like those worn by our Classic Style icons in the real world.

As you know, we don’t often recommend flashy or showy clothes here at the Gentleman’s Gazette and we would never want you to use your clothes to show off to or belittle others. But there are certain occasions when you might want your look to exude both classic styles and give the idea of the expense.

02:20 Tips to look more expensive: 1. Perfect Fits
03:11 2. Care For Your Clothes
03:55 3. Ditch The Labels
05:00 4. Curate Combinations
05:51 5. Wear White Shirts
06:39 6. Find Fabulous Fabrics
08:21 7. Be Functionally Formal
09:21 8. Craft Complete Outlets
11:15 9. Adopt A Signature Piece

Of course, at the end of the day, only you know how much money you actually have in your bank account. So the confidence with which you interact with others will be the defining feature of any look. We hope that the suggestions we’ve shared today will help you really feel and exude that confidence.

12:50 Outfit Rundown